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BEX – an exchange like Pancake Swap whereby holders, or ANYBODY, can swap, stake and farm BUSDv2 and hundreds of other coins and tokens. Using BEX will benefit BUSDv2 holders because BUSDv2 will utilize an auto Buyback of BUSDv2 from the fees associated with transactions on BEX, so holders of BUSDv2 will benefit directly through injection into the BUSDv2 chart.

BNFTs are NFTs as we all know them, HOWEVER, they are highly rare, beautiful, and highly collectible pieces that BUSDv2 holders will want to own and collect to complete certain divisions within the total collection. BNFT owners, depending on which BNFT they own, are eligible for certain rewards, bonuses, and experiences from the BUSDv2 project.

This dashboard will show you your live BUSD Rewards balance, as well as how much you’ve earned to date, and your BUSDv2 wallet balance among other features. 

BUSDv2 will build and utilize a Multi-Chain Bridge Protocol for our holders, as well as to attract new investors from other chains. 


The BUSDv2 token offers BUSD Rewards & Liquidity and is great for both long term and short-term holders. It rewards holders for each transaction that takes place on the network. BUSD Rewards are shared among all the holders on the network in proportion to their BUSDv2 bag size. System works on automatic BUSD claim policy. It ensures that the holders don't need to do even a single click and their funds are automatically added to their account at certain thresholds. Holders are even able to manually claim their BUSD Rewards on BSCScan if they want to. To provide liquidity, and stabilizing the token, BUSDv2 uses an auto Liquidity Injection mechanism paid for through taxes. In conclusion, BUSDv2 is the highest paying, largest BUSD Reward project in the world, and is uniquely positioned to grow and dominate this niche space due to its simplicity, speed of rewards, percentage of rewards, auto-liquidity injection mechanisms, and the powerful team behind the project.

We will NEVER be able to increase taxes. It is written into our hard code in the contract.

NO. The Blacklist function has been permanently turned off for our contract. We will NEVER be able to Blacklist.


99 million  (99,000,000)

Buy Tax is 9% with 5% of that being Rewards. Sell Tax is 16% with 10% of that being Rewards. There is also a Wallet-to-Wallet Tax of 10%, with 5% going to LP & 5% to Rewards.

As is outlined in our Roadmap, BUSDv2 will engage with influencers, marketing professionals, Call Groups, Shilling, Press Releases, Banner Ads and much more as taxes and growth allows.

Q1 2023, or before, is our goal

Your holding size. The Rewards are divided up proportionally based on your bag size.

BUSDv2 is one of the safest and most investor friendly projects in crypto. We are proud to have received multiple certifications through InterFi Network for our exceptional safety and security architecture.

BUSDv2 follows in the spirit of Bitcoin and Defi in general, and made sure to create the safest, and most investor friendly contract. We believe our multiple certifications speak for themselves. We have also all been KYC’d.

This transaction happens at the point of Buy or Sell, thus using the taxes for this transaction, and not the liquidity pool.

BUSD Rewards are increased every quarter by adjusting the LP/Rewards ratios in the Wallet-to-Wallet Tax. Every Quarter, we will lower the LP percentage, and increase the BUSD Rewards to all holders.

As outlined in our Whitepaper on page 14, we will build multiple utilities for BUSDv2. Our first utility buildout begins just after launch.